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Electrical Contractor in Richmond Hill

small residential jobs in Richmond Hill, Ontario

LARGE Commercial Projects

Home   Office   Building

Electrical contractor serving homeowners, renovators, developers, building & property managers in Richmond Hill


Exhaust fan
Motor wiring

fishing behind
Data networks
Smoke detector

Breakers & fuses
From 7am to 7pm
Circuit to appliance

Electrical inspections
Outlets plugs, lighting
Outdoor outside exterior

Concealed cable fishing
Garden landscape lighting

Poles and posts
Water heater circuit
Communication lines

Hot tub, pool, jacuzzi spa
Panel and service upgrade
Machine, motor, equipment

Commercial outdoor lighting
Equipment & machine wiring
Ground fault interrupter, GFCI

Dedicated and computer circuit
electrical design and engineering
Troubleshooting and fault repairs

Security systems and surveillance
Finished house pot light installation
New house & cottage construction

UPS & standby uninterrupted power
Back up generator & transfer switch

Commercial lighting electrician in Richmond Hill 647 800 5466

Outdoor wiring electrician in Richmond Hill 647 800 5466

Small job commercial electrician in Richmond Hill 647 800 5466

compressor, install motor, run a new circuit to machine, transformer, forklift charger or equipment. I replaced a switch with a dimmer, now some light in another room do not work. After I changed a wall socket in the living room a few other plugs have lost power

Comments and questions

  1. This is a great electrical contractor in Richmond Hill.

    Came on time, prices were affordable, produced licenses that definitely reflected the level of work and experience.

    The little things and attention to detail complimented the overall performance.

    They were able to give an estimate over the phone, after I email them several images, saving their time and my money.

    It was a five star service costing less than two other onsite estimates.

  2. Absolutely fantastic workmanship! I cannot say enough good things about John's work. High quality and very reasonable rates.

    We got a short in a circuit that required troubleshooting. And we had a number of other issues in the building.

    Electrician in Richmond Hill fixed all of them fast.

    John is knowledgeable, experienced, professional. He is willing to work out the most appropriate solution at an affordable rate

    Hire Electrician in Richmond Hill for your electrical work -- you won't regret it.