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Wiring. Run new line. Fix messy wiring

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Electricians run new lines to plugs in Richmond Hill, receptacles in Maple, sockets in Aurora, lights in Toronto, appliances in Thornhill, dryers in Vaughan, stoves in Markham, microwaves in North York, and neat up old, unsafe, redundant, ugly looking wiring in Newmarket.

To save time, effort, materials, and money our licensed electrician can run one three-wire cable from double-pole breaker in the panel to device box(es) and get two circuits at once.

We can install two next to each other receptacles on different circuits in King City. We can split receptacles to achieve the same result using a three (plus ground) wire cable.

The two circuits and split receptacles share the same neutral. An overload on one circuit shuts down both circuits and all receptacles, somehow offsetting the saving and advantages of this type of wiring. Another drawback is that double-pole AFCI or GFCI (or two in one) is much more expensive that two single pole ones.

We will find the best solution for your particular needs and situation in Richmond Hill or King Ontario.

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